Help with using STELA

The Student Training Enrolment Logistics Application (STELA) is an online application for training providers to complete their AVETMISS reporting requirements.

Information relating to AVETMISS reporting requirements in South Australia.

AVETMISS End of Year Reporting Checklist

Supports training organisations meet both national and state reporting obligations.

For more information see AVETMISS End of Year reporting checklist

Fund Source Identifier - South Australia

Training Organisations reporting training activity in South Australia via STELA must include the relevant state funding identifier. Please refer to the documents below for a list of South Australian funding identifier and information on how to report funded training activity against relevant programs.

If you are unsure which one to use, please speak with your DIS Contract Representative in your organisation as these details are contained within the relevant funding contract/agreement and schedules.

AVETMISS File Specifications (SA)

South Australia has their own version of the Training Activity (NAT00120) file and the Program Completed (NAT00130) file. All other files are identical to NCVER’s standards.

Future Changes to SA version of the Training Organisation File Specifications (SA)

From 1 Jan 2019, South Australia will have its own specification for the NAT00010/10A Training Organisation file which will include two new below the line fields called ‘Software Product Name’ and ‘Software Vendor E-mail Address’. This will be in addition to the existing South Australian file specifications for the NAT00120 Training Activity and NAT00130 Program Completed. All other files will remain identical to NCVER’s standards.

STELA NAT Upload Errors and Warnings

To upload NAT files successfully into STELA NAT Upload the process requires:

  1. NAT files to be validated via AVS and be error free
  2. NAT files to meet state validations and be error free.

If any errors are detected by STELA in steps 1 or 2 the upload will fail and no data will be imported. The errors will need to be fixed at the source and a new set of NAT files will need to be generated, revalidated through AVS and re-uploaded into STELA. For a list of STELA validations refer to the list below which includes the business rules and associated messaging.