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STELA - Unique Student Identifier (USI) Discrepancies Report

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To ensure SA VET activity is reported to the correct student’s USI transcript, the Department has implemented a process whereby STELA interacts with the USI Registry overnight to verify the reported USI and associated student details with records held by the USI Registry System.

This page outlines the actions required by training organisations where discrepancies have been identified with USIs reported in the current collection year.

All discrepancies identified will appear in red on the ‘USI Discrepancies Report’ within the Submission Progress page in STELA.

Discrepancies can include:

  • Missing USIs,
  • Invalid/Deactivated USIs
  • Incorrect names and/or Date of Birth
  • Incorrect use of exemption codes SHORT or INTOFF.

Zero tolerance applies to Invalid/Deactivated USIs and must be fixed as soon as possible.

Below is an explanation of each discrepancy type and the required action to be taken.

Discrepancy Type & Explanation/​Action Required

I have updated my discrepancies in STELA, why are they still showing on my report?

The USI verification process is an overnight process. Where updates have been made to your data please check the report the following day. Where discrepancies have been resolved these should disappear from the report. If the report continues to show discrepancies that have been resolved, please contact the STELA Helpdesk.

How often should I action my USI discrepancies?

Regular review and maintenance of USI discrepancies will mean less effort to finalise student records for the end of year collection and more accurate data reporting. Discrepancies identified with a zero tolerance MUST be actioned as soon as practicable to ensure data quality is maintained and student transcripts are updated.

Help and Support

Skills SA has a dedicated STELA Helpdesk team to help you with any your AVETMISS related queries. The team is available from 9am-5pm (ACST) and can be contacted on 1800 673 097 or e-mail