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Upfront Assessment of Need

Ensure students get the support they need to successfully complete training

What is UAN?

To ensure students get the support they need to successfully complete their subsidised training, an upfront assessment of need (UAN) process is to be undertaken before they commence training.

The UAN Process

Three key areas form the UAN process. Each part of the process has an associated number of conditions that must be satisfied and completed prior to a training account being established.

  • Eligibility: establish participant eligibility for subsidised training by reviewing participant information including, identity and residence, citizenship, school enrolment, JobSeeker status and presence of apprenticeship or traineeship contract.
  • Entitlement: assess and confirm participant entitlement to undertake subsidised training by reviewing current qualifications and concessions.
  • Upfront Assessment of Need: conduct an assessment of the participant’s suitability, support needs and literacy and numeracy capabilities.

To get started, read the Process Map and UAN Guidelines.

UAN with VETRO for School Students

If you are delivering to subsidised training to school students, it is important that you also understand the VET Readiness Orientation (VETRO) process.

VETRO is a subset of the Upfront Assessment of Need process. There are some different and additional requirements - the actual assessment of need (learning reports) is conducted in accordance with the Upfront Assessment of Need (UAN) guidelines. Training providers should ensure that they have read and understood how VETRO differs from the UAN to ensure they remain compliant under their Funded Activities Agreement.

See detailed information through the link below.

New training providers

If you are a new training provider, contact a UAN mentor to help you get started with understanding and implementing the UAN process. A mentor can also help you to establish an agreement with a Department for Education funded Learner Support Services (LSS) provider.


Reports and Assessments


Suitability and Support Needs Assessment

The following checklist identifies the seven key areas of suitability and support needs that training providers must assess. Training providers must ensure that their normal selection processes such as interviews, self-assessment tools or questionnaires captures the evidence used to inform the suitability and support needs of the individual. The checklist can be used by training providers to record the outcome of the assessment but is not considered evidence of how the outcome was determined.
181004 DIS SARA 062

Learning and Support Report

Training providers complete the Learning and Support Report once they have conducted the UAN process to determine suitability, support needs and literacy and numeracy capabilities for all prospective adult students seeking access to a training place. The report is not used for school students as this information is captured in the VETRO process within the School Student Referral to VET form. The report consolidates all elements and outcomes of the UAN process and confirms to the Department in real time that UAN process has been completed in full.
200212 DIS ANMEC 0075

Literacy and Numeracy Assessment

Training providers must use the Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) to undertake an assessment of literacy and numeracy in accordance with the UAN Guidelines. Access to the CSPA is provided at no expense under the Department’s licence to training providers with an FAA. Training providers must complete UAN training with a UAN mentor prior to the Department consenting to access to the CSPA.



Employment Service Provider Referral Training Form

Employment service providers must initiate an online referral for any job seeker in receipt of benefits they refer to subsidised training.