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Training apprentices and trainees

Learn about your obligations related to training apprentices and trainees

New processes

From 1 July 2021, legislative changes under the South Australian Skills Act (SAS Act) introduce new, simpler processes and clear responsibilities for training organisations. More information is available on the South Australian Skills Commission’s website.

NTO Nominations and Training Plans

A training plan outlines the formal training an apprentice or trainee does with you. It's your responsibility as the Nominated Training Organisation (NTO) to complete and maintain your students' training plan.

Once an employer and apprentice or trainee chooses you as their training provider, a training contract will be created and listed on the Apprenticeship and Traineeship online Application System (ATLAS) portal system. See below steps outlining accepting a nomination and developing the training plan.


Travel and Accommodation Allowance

If your regional apprentice or trainee travels more than 150km to attend training, the employer may be able to access the Travel and Accommodation Allowance to offset some of their travel and accommodation costs.

Become a GTO

Group Training Organisations (GTOs) employ apprentices and trainees and work with host employers to take them on. GTOs take care of employer responsibilities such as recruitment, managing apprentice wages, superannuation and leave.