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STELA - Reporting for ESTC training to 'Direct Entry'

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  • STELA - Reporting for ESTC training to 'Direct Entry'

ESTC ‘Employment Skills Training Cluster’ is a government-funded locally recognised ‘Skill Cluster’. Skill Clusters are made up of either a single unit or a group of units (from any national training package or accredited course), where that group of units does not comprise either a full qualification or a skill set.

This page is designed to assist training providers report their ESTC training activity to STELA correctly to ensure the format complies with national AVETMISS reporting requirements and flows through to the Skills and Employment payment system.

For more information on how to create an enrolment template or a student enrolment refer to the STELA – Direct Entry User Guide or call the STELA help desk on 1800 673 097.