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Subsidised training

Explore subsidised training opportunities in South Australia

  • Subsidised training

Subsidised Training List

The Subsidised Training List (STL) shows courses that are subsidised in South Australia.

You can search the STL and find out about courses, conditions, and the number of places in courses for the funding period, and calculate subsidies. You can customise searches and export data to help you manage your subsidised activity.

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STL release notes

Access detailed information about the current STL, how it was developed and what it includes.
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Training Packages Development

Find out about training packages and how you can get involved in the development process.
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Training Fee Framework

The subsidy arrangements for accredited training are contained in the Training Fee Framework.

Learn about Fee Free TAFE and vocational education

Providing more support for key industries and priority student groups.

Discover what Fee Free training you may be able to deliver.

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