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Upfront assessment of need

Ensure students get the support they need to successfully complete training

We're making some changes

On 30 October 2023, Skills SA commenced the 'Upfront assessment of need (UAN) streamlining trial' to be completed December 2024.

Watch the video presentations

Training providers are advised to watch the short online presentations for information on timelines, trial structure, stages, getting ready, getting help, giving feedback, evaluation and what happens after the trial.

If you still have any questions after watching the presentations, please contact your Skills SA UAN mentor.

The trial includes three stages

Stage 1 - Commenced 30 October 2023

Stage 1 of the trial focused on those elements training providers can stop doing as part of the UAN process.

The trial reduced the number of UAN forms used in the process, simplified the process for skill sets and removed the Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) from the process for learners with prior high level educational attainment.

Stage 2 - Commenced 15 January 2024

Stage 2 of the trial focused on changing the assessment requirements for reading, numeracy and writing to better suit individual subsidised courses. This meant training providers only needed to assess learners for the specific foundation skills capabilities their course required.

Stage 3 – Commenced 6 May 2024

Stage 3 of the trial responds to stakeholder feedback from stage 1 and 2, and focuses on refinements to the literacy and numeracy assessment process. This means training providers will use the SRNI as an initial reading and numeracy assessment tool for all learners, make the writing assessment optional and accept prior educational attainment from Certificate IV level with nuanced conditions.

Conducting the UAN process

To ensure students get the support they need to successfully complete their subsidised training, training providers must complete an upfront assessment of need before creating training accounts.

To get started, read the UAN Guidelines and UAN process summary for information on your obligations and assessment requirements.

The UAN process includes 3 distinct assessments


To ensure the right fit between the learner and qualification of choice.

Support needs

To ensure early identification and planning for the learner's learning and personal support needs.

Literacy and numeracy capabilities

To ensure early identification and planning for the learner's literacy and numeracy development needs.

VETRO UAN for school students

The VET Readiness Orientation (VETRO) UAN process must be completed with all school students seeking access to subsidised training.

To get started, read the VETRO UAN Guidelines, VETRO UAN process map and associated resources through the link below.

Getting help with the UAN

Speak to a UAN mentor

Whether you're a new training provider or an existing one, your organisation can access a UAN mentor for help with understanding the requirements and embedding the UAN process into your pre-enrolment practice.

This service is funded by Skills SA and provided at no cost to your organisation.

For help, contact one of our UAN mentor service providers: