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Upfront Assessment of Need

Ensure students get the support they need to successfully complete training

UAN Streamlining Trial October 2023 to December 2024

The UAN Streamlining Trial will be implemented in two stages:

  1. Stage One will commence from 30 October 2023
  2. Stage Two will commence from 15 January 2024.

Training providers are advised to watch the short online presentation for information on timelines, trial structure, stages, getting ready, getting help, giving feedback, evaluation and what happens after the trial.

What is UAN?

To ensure students get the support they need to successfully complete their subsidised training, an upfront assessment of need (UAN) process is to be undertaken before they commence training.

The UAN Process

The UAN process includes three distinct assessments that are of equal importance. Training providers must assess a learner’s:

  1. Suitability to ensure the course and the learner are a good fit for each other.
  2. Support needs to ensure these are planned for early and documented in their training plan.
  3. Literacy and numeracy capabilities to ensure the learner has access to free foundation skills training to support a successful training outcome.

To get started, read the Process Map and UAN Guidelines.

UAN with VETRO for School Students

The VET Readiness Orientation (VETRO) is subset of the UAN process and used for all school students seeking access to subsidised training. There are specific differences between VETRO for school students and the UAN, which is used for adults.

Access the VETRO for School Students Process Instructions and associated tools and resources through the link below.

Getting help with the UAN

Whether you're a new training provider or an existing one, your organisation can access a UAN Mentor for help with understanding the requirements and embedding the UAN process into your pre-enrolment practice.

This service is funded by Skills SA and provided at no cost to your organisation.

For help, contact one of our UAN Mentor service providers:

  • Interskills: Paul Malloy,, 0425 533 174
  • Interskills: Alison Jutilane,, 0437 298 954
  • MADEC: Kate Anderson,, 8307 2043

Reports and Assessments


UAN Suitability and Support Needs Assessment Guide

The assessment guide identifies seven areas of suitability and support needs that, at a minimum, must be assessed through the training provider’s pre-enrolment processes. Training providers must embed the seven areas of suitability and support needs assessment into their learner selection processes. Evidence from these processes could include answers to interview questions, learner training plans, learner self-assessment tools, and documentation of formal or informal discussions.
200212 DIS ANMEC 0075

Literacy and Numeracy Assessment

Training providers must use the Core Skills Profile for Adults (CSPA) to undertake an assessment of literacy and numeracy in accordance with the UAN Guidelines. Access to the CSPA is provided at no expense under the Department’s licence to training providers with an FAA. Training providers must complete UAN training with a UAN mentor prior to the Department consenting to access to the CSPA.