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Assessing literacy and numeracy

Information about the literacy and numeracy assessment tools

Training providers must assess literacy and numeracy capabilities using as a minimum, the ACER Snapshot Reading and Numeracy Indicator (SRNI).

Skills SA literacy and numeracy capabilities for subsidised courses

The Skills SA Literacy and numeracy capabilities for subsidised courses identifies the reading, numeracy and writing capabilities for each course.

This information helps training providers understand what the literacy and numeracy capabilities for each course are and consider whether the learner will need to demonstrate these capabilities on entry to the course, during course delivery, on assessment of competency or as a graduate of the course.

Practice assessment

In addition to the practice assessment that training providers can issue, learners can access an online practice assessment themselves.

This allows adults or school students to experience and complete a mini assessment of their reading and numeracy skills.

The link will enable them to register their own unique email address and be sent a link to access it. If they do not receive the link within 15 minutes they should check their ‘junk’ folders in their email inbox.

At the end of the 6 reading and 6 numeracy questions they will be able to see online what they answered correctly or incorrectly and can go back and re-read the question.

There is also an option to restart the practice assessment if they wish to try again before they exit.

Once they exit the practice assessment they will not be able to use the link they received again and will need to re-register with a different unique email address.

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