AVETMISS Reporting in SA

It is a contractual requirement that training organisations (registered and non-registered) that have a funding agreement with the Government of South Australia must collect and report statistical data in relation to any VET training activity they have delivered under that agreement. The AVETMIS Standard provides the national framework for the collection of this activity



The Australian Vocational Education and Training Management Information Statistical Standard is a national data standard utilised by training organisations for the reporting of government funded and fee-for-service VET activity. It provides a consistent and accurate national framework for the collection of data from VET training organisations.

The current version of the Standard is release 8.0, which applies to all training activity from 1 January 2018. Release 8.0 documents are available from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER).


AVETMISS reporting requirements in SA

Refer to Guide to reporting AVETMISS data in South Australia which provides direction on how to comply with AVETMISS reporting requirements in SA.
The guide outlines the ‘state specific’ (sometimes referred to as ‘below the line) information that training organisations must include in their AVETMISS data which is supplementary to NCVER’s national Standard.

Refer to SA AVETMISS 8.0 Specifications for more information.


Submission via STELA

Training activity must be reported via the Department’s Student Training Enrolment Logistics Application (STELA). STELA is an online application that enables training organisations to report their VET activity in a format that complies with both AVETMISS and SA reporting specifications and requirements.

There are two ways for Training Organisations to submit training activity:

  1. Via STELA NAT UPLOAD - using an AVETMISS compliant Student Management Systems (SMS) training organisations can produce a set of SA NAT Files from their SMS upload to STELA.
  2. Via STELA Direct Entry (V2) – Training organisations can report their training activity by manually entering relevant data via STELA V2 which complies with the AVETMIS Standard. Note STELA V2 is not recommended for large TOs as the data entry is very manual and somewhat time-consuming compared to the NAT upload process.


Obtaining access to STELA

To obtain access to STELA, users will need to complete the ‘Online STELA application form’. Each individual user must apply for their own login and agree to the terms and conditions set out in the user agreement.

Users will need to provide details of a Delegate within their Training Organisation who can authorise* the access request. Once approved by the nominated Delegate the request will be forwarded to the STELA helpdesk for processing via email. Account details will be forwarded to nominated user via email within 5 business days of receiving the request.

*authorisation is required to permit users to access and create data on behalf of the delegate’s organisation.


Help using STELA

Refer to Help using STELA .


Reporting Deadlines

Training Organisations who hold a funding agreement with DIS must report all occurrences of funded training activity into STELA on a monthly basis. The cut-off date for reporting is 5pm on the third Tuesday of every month (from November 2021 the cut-off will be 5pm on the second Friday of every month). Note that no extensions can be granted to this deadline, so Training Organisations are strongly advised to report activity a day or more prior to the cut-off to allow sufficient time to correct any errors.

Where Training Organisations only report FFS activity to DIS, this must be done at minimum on a quarterly basis. Deadlines for 2022 quarterly reporting are:

Quarter Training Activity Dates Deadline to Report to DIS
1 1 January - 31 March Friday 8 April 2022
2 1 January - 30 June; Friday 8 July 2022
3 1 January - 30 September Friday 14 October 2022
4 1 January - 31 December Friday 27 January 2023



Further Information

For further assistance with fulfilling your AVETMISS reporting obligations please contact the STELA helpdesk via email stelahelpdesk@sa.gov.au or phone 08 8226 3050 (9am – 5pm CST).