Upfront Assessment of Need

To ensure students get the support they need to successfully complete their subsidised training, an upfront assessment of need (UAN) process is to be undertaken before they commence training.

If you are a new training provider contact a UAN mentor to help you get started with understanding and implementing the UAN process and to establish an agreement with a Department for Innovation and Skills (DIS) funded Learner Support Services (LSS) provider. 

For more information and to find UAN mentors and LSS providers, read the LSS Fact Sheet.

Upfront assessment of need process

Before you establish a training account it’s important that you establish eligibility, entitlement and conduct the upfront assessment of need process with every prospective student seeking access to a subsidised training place. An easy to follow visual map and guidelines will help you to understand what is contractually required.

Employment Service Provider Referral Training Form

An Employment service provider can refer a job seeker to a training provider using the Employment Service Provider Referral to Training Form.

Learning and Support Report

The report consolidates all elements and outcomes of the UAN process and confirms to the Department in real time that UAN process has been completed in full.

Complete the Learning and Support Report.

Interpretation report

To interpret the literacy and numeracy needs of an individual, complete the CSPA Interpretation Report.

Upfront assessment of need fact sheets

It important that prospective students and employers understand the benefits of the UAN and these fact sheets have been developed to help training providers explain it. This includes a fact sheet for employment service providers, jointly prepared by DIS and the Commonwealth Government, to help explain their responsibility when referring a job seeker to subsidised training.

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