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Learner Support Services

Access additional support for students with significant barriers to completing training

What is Learner Support Services?

Learner Support Services (LSS) is an individualised support service that helps students that are facing personal or learning challenges to manage these while studying so that they can successfully complete their training and transition to sustainable employment.

For students with complex personal and learning support needs that are beyond the capacity of the training provider to support on their own, training providers can refer their students, including apprentices and trainees, to an LSS provider.

Learner Support Services are fully funded by the Department and are fee-free to all students and are at no cost to the NTOs.

Students who are facing significant barriers to completing their training, who are falling behind or at risk for withdrawing from training are the focus of LSS services.

See section 4.2.3 (page 10) of the UAN Guidelines.

Watch these videos for more information.

Introduction to Learner Support Services

Broad information on LSS, what it is and what it does and how to access it. Includes two interviews with LSS providers and where to find information on our website.

How LSS supports students and RTOs - case studies

Two LSS providers are interviewed about how LSS can work for RTOs using some case studies to show real stories about how LSS supported students.

Assessing your Student Supports

Information for RTOs about how to undertake a self-assessment of your underpinning student supports, the importance of doing so and what makes an effective self-assessment when submitting to Skills SA.
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Personal and Learning Support for School Students

From 1 July 2021, school students that are undertaking the VETRO process for enrolment in subsidised training from Semester 1 2022, will be eligible for learner support services to support them through their VET studies to completion or transition to further study or later employment.

You can download an Information Pack for NTOs offering training to school students, which covers how LSS fits with student supports offered at school, and the key considerations for working with school students.

Fact sheets on personal and learning supports tailored for parents, school, students and RTOs can also be found in the Toolkit and in the box below.