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Explore subsidised training opportunities in South Australia.

Subsidised Training List 6.2

Subsidised Training List 6.2 (STL 6.2) will be effective 4 January 2021.

For more information see Release notes.


The Subsidised Training List (STL) shows courses that may be subsidised in South Australia.

You can search the STL and find out about courses, conditions, and the number of places in courses for the funding period, and calculate subsidies. You can customise searches and export data to help you manage your subsidised activity.

Current funding period

The STL displays information about funding conditions and the number of places available to providers for the funding period.

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Subsidised Training List 6.1 (STL 6.1) - Effective 15 October 2020

STL 6.1 supports the implementation of JobTrainer to provide access to training for young people, school leavers and job seekers. For more information, see JobTrainer.

Skilling South Australia Subsidised Traineeship and Apprenticeship List (STAL) - Displays qualifications the Department will fund through training contracts to support the Skilling South Australia initiative.

Training Priority List (TPL) - Displays qualifications the Department will fund through other methods.

Managed Courses - Effective 1 July 2020

From 1 July 2020, Quota conditions will be removed from the STL, and replaced with Managed Courses. Courses with this condition have a set number of places that can be created per provider, which can be drawn down in the same way as General courses. No additional application or approval processes are required to deliver courses with this condition.

Providers will be responsible for monitoring the number of training accounts they have created and adhering to the limits specified.

Should providers reach the limit set for a course, applications may be made for a review.

To apply to review a Managed Course Training Account Limit see the online form

Apply to have courses or skill sets added to the Subsidised Training List

Complete the application form below and email your application to

Apply to request a course condition change

To request a course condition change for training courses currently available on the Subsidised Training List (STL), you can complete the online form.

This form may also be used to request temporary course condition changes to support training needs while COVID-19 restrictions continue to be in place.

For more information and to apply, see Apply to request a course condition change.


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