Training school students

Deliver subsidised training to school students and help them get a head start on their career pathway.

VET for School Students Guidelines for Training Providers.

Training providers must use the following VET for School Students Guidelines for students seeking to commence a subsidised course from Semester 1, 2022. The guidelines apply to institutionally delivered and school-based traineeship/apprenticeship courses.

Subsidised courses approved for school students for 2022 are identified on the VET for School Students List effective 4 January 2022.

Subsidised courses approved for school students commencing from January 2023 are now available to view here to assist with forward planning by training providers and schools.

Access to approved subsidised courses for school students is through the VET Readiness Orientation (VETRO) process which includes the Upfront Assessment of Need. Training providers are advised to refer to the Upfront Assessment of Need webpage to ensure they are compliant with these requirements.


VETRO Professional Development for Training Providers


The following resources are provided to assist training providers understand and use the VETRO process for school students.

Preparing to implement the VET Readiness Orientation (VETRO) process


Introduction to the new online Referral to Training form



Planning for Personal and Learning Supports


What we already know about personal and learning supports
How LSS and Student Services fits with the VET in School Students program
How LSS works
Q&A Part 1 and Part 2

The presentation slides are available for download here.


Spotlight on VET for School Students 19 April 2021


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Temporary work placement provisions – Advice for schools, NTOs and students


Structured Work Placement

For students undertaking courses with a structured work placement embedded in a course, we advise schools, students and NTOs that students will be supported to complete their training when a work placement is available; the training place will remain subsidised and available to support students to complete their qualification whether they have completed the SACE, left school or are still enrolled in school.

We will advise the secondary school sector when it expects this temporary provision to be lifted.

Training Guarantee for SACE Students (TGSS)and Flexible Learning Option (FLO) Exemption Students

The VET for School Student Guidelines have replaced TGSS and FLO Exemptions processes for school students. Existing TGSS of FLO Exemption students who commenced a subsidised training place prior to 11 December 2021 will continue to be subsidised in their courses until they complete or exit the course.

TGSS 70- Hour Work Placement

In recognition of the current operating environment, we advise that for the period of COVID-19 containment measures we recognise the difficulty for existing TGSS participants to secure a work placement and will support flexibility for the minimum 70-hour work placement required as part of TGSS.

This flexibility applies to students undertaking vocational education and training (VET) in courses without a structured work placement.

Continuing TGSS student resources for training providers

Continuing FLO Exemption student resources for training providers

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