Learner Support Services

Access additional support for students with significant barriers to completing training.

What is Learner Support Services?

Learner Support Services (LSS)  is an individualised support service that helps students that are facing personal or learning challenges to manage these while studying so that they can successfully complete their training and transition to sustainable employment.

For students with complex personal and learning support needs that are beyond the capacity of the training provider to support on their own, training providers can refer their students, including apprentices and trainees, to an LSS provider.

Learner Support Services are fully funded by the Department and are fee-free to all students and are at no cost to the RTOs.

Students who are facing significant barriers to completing their training, who are falling behind or at risk for withdrawing from training are the focus of LSS services.

See section 4.2.3 (page 10) of the UAN Guidelines.

Who is eligible?

Students who are facing significant barriers to completing their training, who are falling behind or at risk for withdrawing from training are the focus of LSS services.

To be eligible:

  • Students must be enrolled in a qualification listed on the STL at any AQF level (including apprentices and trainees), and
  • have complex support needs that require individualised support beyond the normal supports an RTO is expected to provide, and
  • their support needs are impacting on their ability to sustain their participation or complete their qualification.

Supports can be provided through LSS for any issue that may impact on a students’ ability to stay in training and successfully compete their course. For example:

  • Family issues
  • Domestic violence
  • Housing and homelessness
  • Interactions with the justice system
  • Financial stress
  • Mental health and other disability issues
  • Study skills development
  • In -class support needs
  • Transitioning into an adult learning environment from school or after not studying for a long time
  • Transitioning into work after study (post course support is available for up to 3 months)

For more information about LSS, two fact sheets that provide information about the services are available for download.

The first fact sheet is for RTO administrators, trainers and assessors at the RTO where students are enrolled.  It provides information about LSS and details of the RTOs contracted by the Department to offer this service to training providers.  Each RTO will have an LSS Service Agreement in place with one or more of these providers, and should only refer students to the LSS provider they are working with.

The second fact sheet is for training providers and/or LSS providers to download for students, adding the contact details of the LSS provider that the RTO has a LSS Service Agreement with to the customisable box at the bottom of page 2.  This is important as students can self-refer to LSS services but can only do that if they know which LSS provider they can go to.

Contracting with an LSS Service Provider

For students to access Learner Support Services, the enrolling RTO must have a Learner Support Services agreement in place with one or more of the six contracted LSS providers.  The details for these LSS providers is given on the first LSS Fact Sheet above.

See Section 10 of the UAN Guidelines.

Personal and Learning Support for School Students

From the 1 July 2021, school students that are undertaking the VETRO process for enrolment in subsidised training from Semester 1 2022 will be eligible for learner support services to support them through their VET studies to completion or transition to further study or later employment.

An Information Pack for RTOs offering training to school students on these supports, on how this fits with student supports offered at school and on key considerations for working with school students is available.

School students can be referred for these services through the enrolling RTO, through their school VET coordinator or can self-refer to the LSS provider contracted by the RTO for this service.

For parents, schools and RTOs, a fact sheet on personal and learning supports for school students has been developed. During the VETRO process, students and parents will also be able to read and download a fact sheet on consent and confidentiality so that they know about the services they will be able to access.

Spotlight on Learner Support Services

The Spotlight on Learners Support Services webinar delivered on Monday 19 April 2021 provides an on screen guide to navigating the LSS webpage and resources along with an insightful live interview with an LSS case manager, followed by Q&A with representative from the Department of Innovation and Skills and LSS case manager, based on live questions from the training provider audience on LSS.

Watch this webinar

To gain a better understanding of planning for Learner Support Services for school students, register to attend a professional development webinar.

Webinar 3 – Planning for Learner Support Services (LSS)
Date and Time: Friday 18 June 2021, 10:30am – 11:30am

  • The role of LSS in supporting successful training outcomes
  • How LSS works for school enrolled students

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