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ATLAS - Submitting an application

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You can submit a form for multiple training contracts at the same time, and return to the form you saved as a draft.

Employer Registration Applications

You can submit an application for:

  • A new employer registration by clicking 'New Application' in ATLAS.
new app
  • Renew or make changes to an existing registration by clicking 'Renew Registration' or 'Change Registration' in ATLAS.

Training Contracts

To submit an application to vary a training contract, or to submit a training plan, select Trainee/Apprentices on the top-menu and then Training Contracts on the sub-menu. You can then click the checkbox to the left of the Training Contract you wish to submit an application for, then click the ‘Action’ menu to the right to open the relevant form.

The forms available via this Action menu will vary depending on the status of the associated training contract.

In some cases you can submit the same form for multiple training contracts at the same time by selecting multiple checkboxes as outlined above.

Mandatory fields and questions

To complete a form you will need to enter a value in all mandatory fields and respond to mandatory questions. Mandatory fields and questions are indicated with a red asterisk *. You will be unable to progress to the next page if you have not filled out the mandatory fields.

Saving forms as a draft

To save a form as a draft, select ‘Save and Quit’ when completing an application. The draft form can then be accessed from the Draft and Submitted Forms page under the Noticeboard menu.

When completing an application make sure to click ‘Save and Continue’, because if your session times out you will lose the data you had entered. If you have clicked ‘Save and Continue’ and your session times out, you would be able to find your application in ‘Draft and Submitted Forms’. You can also find a copy of all submitted forms in the same location.