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Professional development workshop series

The Foundation Skills workshop series recordings will help you to identify each learners’ foundation skills needs and explore contemporary strategies for foundation skills development.

About the webinars

In 2023-2024, Skills SA and Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) have delivered a series of professional development workshops for vocational education and training (VET) and adult community education (ACE) trainers and tutors. Links to the recordings of the sessions delivered online are below.

The ABC of the ACSF (120 mins)

What is the ACSF? The webinar provides background and an introduction to the Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) and its structure, what the important ACSF levels 1,2 and 3 mean and working/exit levels – continuum of development.

Making numeracy count: a key challenge for the 21st Century (120 mins)

Highlighting why mathematics and numeracy are crucial, underpinning skills with insights into numeracy/maths skills, trends and research. This interactive webinar includes suggestions for numeracy teaching support strategies, and opportunities for participants to respond to issues and challenges in supporting learners in their numeracy skill development.

Digital literacy and the DLSF (90 minutes)

Providing insights and knowledge about digital literacy and the relevance and application of digital literacy in our teaching. The webinar provides an overview of the new Digital Literacy core skill and new Digital Literacy Skills Framework (DLSF). Insights in the relevance and application of digital literacy in teaching and how digital literacy is essential to achieve personal goals, enhance employability and support education and training.

Looking behind and inside FSK19 (90 mins)

Outlines the purpose of the Foundation Skills training package (FSK), major changes and enhancements implemented for the 2019 version qualifications and units, and then works through changes to the structure and content of the FSK for participants to consider how to best utilise the package for training purposes.

How to address LLN skills in your VET training – Face to face workshop (6 hrs)

No recording available.

A hands on, face to face workshop to support trainers and educators to address LLN (and D) skills in their VET training was delivered by ACER. The workshop incorporated interpreting, understanding and applying the ACSF and the FSK including interpreting, understanding data from pre-training LLN assessment and how to map LLN skills and ACSF levels to your vocational and educational qualifications.

Session content:

  • Why LLN (and D) is a critical issue for education and training.
  • The critical role(s) of the ACSF.
  • Interpreting LLN requirements of training qualifications.
  • Interpreting LLN assessments and matching to training requirements, qualifications and FSK support units.