Guide to terms

Guide to terms used in the Subsidised Training List (STL).

Course conditions

  • Foundation Skills - courses determined by the Minister, from time to time, to be Foundation Skills courses. Foundation Skills courses help people develop their reading, writing and numeracy skills and prepare for vocational study.
  • School Based Training Contracts - The training allocation for ASBA & TGSS students is in addition to any identified training places. Training Accounts may be created for eligible students on an on-demand basis who either have an Australian School Based Apprenticeship (ASBA) or who are undertaking Training Guarantee for SACE Students (TGSS). 
  • Submission Based Application - courses that are available through submission-based project applications.
  • TGSS Approved - identifies the course is available to be delivered under TGSS arrangements.
  • TGSS Enrolments -  Training Accounts may be created for school enrolled students (16 and above) undertaking TGSS arrangements.  When this condition is present on a course, Training Accounts may only be created through TGSS
  • Training Contract - identifies the course is available where training is through a Training Contract, including under ASBA arrangements. When this condition is present on a course, Training Accounts may only be created as part of a Training Contract arrangement
  • Non-Training Contract – identifies that the course is available outside of Training Contract arrangements. If both a Training Contract and Non-Training Contract condition is present, then the course can be done under either arrangement

No New Enrolments

  • No New Enrolments (Superseded) – represents the end of the period in which all students’ training and assessment must be completed and the relevant certification documentation issued; or students are transferred to the replacement course. This is usually 12 months from the date the superseded course was replaced on the national register ( unless specified otherwise by ASQA. Training Providers cannot create training accounts after the No New Enrolments date.
  • No New Enrolments – represents a No New Enrolment date. Training Providers cannot create training accounts after this date.