Submitting a training plan via ATLAS

Learn how to open and submit a training plan. Watch the video or read the written guide.

Opening a pre-filled training plan

When you log in to ATLAS as a training provider, by default you will be on the ‘Training Contracts’ page. This is the page from which you can open a training plan.

By default this page has been sorted to bring training contracts to the top of the results that require a training plan. This is indicated by a result of ‘Not Received’ in the Training Plan column, and ‘Pending Assessment’ in the status column. You can also filter by other columns to find an individual, such as the student’s name or training contract number.

Once you have identified the student for whom you are seeking to submit a training plan, click the checkbox to the left of their name, then click the ‘Action’ menu. This will display a link to open the training plan form.


At any point you can save a training plan in draft and return to it later. To do this, once you have the training plan open click ‘Save and Quit’. You will then be returned to the Noticeboard. To view your draft training plans, select Noticeboard from the menu, and then Draft and Submitted Forms from the sub-menu.

  1. Once you have selected a training contract, a new window will open in your web browser (check your pop-up blocker settings if this doesn’t occur). The training plan form will be pre-filled with data from the training contract. Remember to complete all mandatory fields, which are indicated with a red asterisk *. You can navigate through the training plan by using the navigation controls at the bottom of the form as well as by clicking each step at the top (note this latter method will not save progress if your session times out).
  2. Once you have read the terms and conditions please proceed to enter the employer and RTO details in the next two tabs.
  3. Now that you are at the Training Details tab, you are able to input the Units of Competence individually in the section at the bottom of the tab named ‘Core and Elective Units of Competence’, OR you can attach a document listing the units at the Submit section of the training plan later on. To add each unit of competency individually click on the ‘Add’ button and select if the unit is a core or elective unit, then enter the code and title before clicking update.
  4. Continue to make your way through to the tab titled ‘Employment’ and then onto the signature tab. To complete this section, the parties to the training contract will need to sign the training plan. To do this, navigate to the ‘Submit’ tab and click ‘Print Application’. Don’t forget to save your application if you need to return to it later. Once all parties have signed the printed training plan, open the saved application and complete the highlighted fields in the signature section.
  5. Before submitting the application, attach the singed copy of your training plan that has been signed by all parties, as well as the units of competency if you chose not to add them individually. Once the training plan has been submitted this will refresh in ATLAS for you overnight. However, to quickly check if the training plan has been successfully submitted, go to Draft and Submitted Forms. You can also view a copy of your submitted form here.