Navigating mobile

How to navigate ATLAS on your mobile and find the information you need.

The home page, which is displayed once you have logged in, has tiles that allow you to easily navigate to where you want to go.

After you have logged in, the menu icon at the top-right of the page enables you to go to any area of ATLAS. Press to display the menu, and press again to hide it. This is where you will find the link to log out of ATLAS.


When you are completing a form, mandatory fields are indicated with red text and/or a red asterisk. You will be unable to submit a form until you complete all mandatory fields.

You can sort tables of information ascending and descending by clicking a column header. When you do, an arrow will appear to indicate whether the information is sorted ascending or descending.

Redirection to the desktop version of ATLAS

The mobile version of ATLAS enables you to view your training contract information and to respond to applications. Some functions within ATLAS require you to access the service on a desktop computer. Some links may redirect you to the full desktop version of ATLAS, which is not optimised for view on mobile devices.

For example, choosing to ‘Change Password’ will open this form in the desktop version of ATLAS. See Navigating ATLAS on your computer if you need assistance in using ATLAS on your computer or laptop.

If you need help responding to requests for agreement on your mobile, see Responding to requests for agreement on your mobile.

If you need more help see Frequently asked questions.