Teaching and Learning Pods

Teaching and Learning Pods are designed to help develop trainers and assessors in their teaching, learning and assessment practice.

MRWED, a leading provider of trainer training, will deliver each of the pod topics.

Face to face pods will be delivered at northern, southern and central Adelaide locations as breakfast meetings from 7am – 9am ACST, with a light breakfast provided. They will also be offered as webinars from 12.00noon – 1pm ACST.

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Rules of Evidence with Marc Ratcliffe

This session concentrates on the Rules of Evidence and supports practitioners understanding how the Rules of Evidence play an important role in determining competency.  The session will provide templates and techniques to support practitioners in conducting effective assessment.

Competency Based Training and Learning with Kerri Buttery

Competency based training and learning underpins the Australian VET system and fits in perfectly with workplace-based learning and practice.  This session outlines why we have a competency-based system, the key benefits of the system and provides ways to for participants to enhance their delivery of competency-based training in their teaching environments.

Mapping with Marc Ratcliffe

In assessment it is important to be able to show the relationship between the assessment task and the corresponding information in the training package.  Mapping is often the key to ensuring assessment is sufficient – tools, resources and approaches used to assess, meet all aspects of a unit, skill set or qualification. This session will guide participants through the process of mapping, identify best practice approaches as well as key areas of concern.  Participants will also have access to a variety of mapping tools to support the process.

Collecting Meaningful Evidence with Jason Ash

‘Evidence’ is the backbone of an assessor’s confidence in determining competency.  This session looks at the purpose of evidence within an assessment system and provide advice on how to focus on the best fit for both the training package, learners and industry.  The session will include as to how AQF level indicators ensure that evidence collected is at the appropriate level and will support participants in determining how to collect evidence that is relevant, meaningful and easy to link to unit of competency requirements.

Identifying Learning Issues with Marc Ratcliffe

Most people accept that everyone learns differently. Often systems for diagnosing learning issues in RTOs tend to be narrow, identifying disruptive behaviours and/or LLN issues.  There are many more learning challenges that often go undetected and under supported.  This session aims to shine a light on other key learning issues facing VET students and will provide strategies to help identify issue earlier with the view of enabling greater outcomes for learners.

Navigating training.gov.au with Kerri Buttery

Training.gov.au (TGA) is the national register of VET in Australia and contains key information about Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Nationally Recognised Training (NRT), and the approved scope of each RTO to deliver training in Australia.  But are you getting the most out of it? This session will demonstrate how to navigate the TGA site effectively providing help along the way.

Unpacking Training Packages with Marc Ratcliffe

Training packages are the building blocks of Australia’s national vocational education and training (VET) system, as they specify the occupational skills against which training, and assessment of competency can take place. This session takes a practical look at how to unpack a training package to demystify how to use them to develop training and assessment tools and resources.

This event has ended. For information about this event, please contact DIS.TrainingPackages@sa.gov.au.

Principles of Assessment with Jason Ash

In simple terms the assessment process involves asking the ‘right’ questions and getting proof that the candidates can provide the ‘right’ answers.  The Principles of Assessment relate to how assessors should plan, conduct and review candidate assessment and the Rules of Evidence provide the guidance on the collection of evidence from candidates.  This session concentrates on the Principles of Assessment and supports practitioners in ensuring that their assessment development meets them and provides templates and techniques to meet compliance requirements.

This event has ended. For information about this event, please contact DIS.TrainingPackages@sa.gov.au.


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