RTO Business Workshops

Business workshops are designed to help leaders and managers in training organisations to strengthen their business operations and sustainability.

Half-day workshops will be delivered by experienced facilitators from the VET Development Centre, one of Australia’s leading providers of professional learning and thought leadership for the VET sector workforce

Workshops will be delivered in various regional and metropolitan locations.

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Building Positive Organisational Culture with Martin Probst

Great leaders inspire great teams, and great teams require an organisational culture that supports and motivates high performance. In this engaging workshop with Martin Probst, participants will explore how to build a positive organisational culture by promoting positive behaviours and getting the best out of individuals, to drive team and organisational performance. The workshop is designed for managers and leaders in RTOs. It will use real workplace challenges and encourage reflection on leadership and management style.

Developing Accredited Courses with Jenni Oldfield

Accredited courses can address skill requirements for industry and enterprises that are not filled by existing nationally recognised qualifications. They can help respond to changes in skill needs and the needs of emerging and converging industries. This workshop focuses on developing accredited courses, covering why courses are accredited and the differences between accredited courses and training package qualifications. The workshop will include guidelines for writing qualifications, units and submissions, and identify available support materials and templates.

Effective Management Strategies with Martin Probst

Effective management is about knowing when and where to direct efforts to achieve fruitful outcomes. This engaging workshop with Martin Probst is designed to provide insights into effective management strategies, including driving organisational performance, and delegation and prioritisation techniques to successfully deal with change and handle workloads with more ease. The workshop is designed for managers and leaders in RTOs. It will use real workplace challenges and encourage reflection on leadership and management style.

Mental Health Awareness with Jules Haddock

This session is designed for VET practitioners who wish to boost their understanding of mental illness and mental wellbeing in their learning zones.

If there are 15 students in the next group of learners you teach, it’s likely three of them will contend with an episode of mental illness during the next 12 months. Our response as teachers always matters to their personal wellbeing, and to their continued and positive progress in a learning program. This workshop with Jules Haddock describes mental wellbeing and mental illness, and explains the effects of mental illness on learning. The workshop will build your confidence in raising conversations around mental illness, introduces strategies for engaging in supportive conversations that assist learners to manage their mental wellbeing, and provides tips and strategies for supporting learners who are experiencing mental illness. 

Social Media and Marketing for RTOs with Joel Martin

Marketing and promotion are valuable services for a prospective student. They are the avenues that bring the array of training choices to attention. They help students to weigh up the choices and decide the best fit for their needs and aspirations. Marketing and promotion are critical to branding and sustainability for any business, including RTOs. In this workshop with Joel Martin, you’ll increase your familiarity with marketing principles and practices, how they add value for students and your RTO, and how to apply them in the competitive VET sector.