Training apprentices and trainees

Deliver training to apprentices and trainees, and claim payments and allowances.

What you need to know about training plans

A training plan outlines the formal training an apprentice or trainee does with you. It's your responsibility to complete and lodge your students' training plan.

What to include in a training plan

 Training plans need to include:

  • the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) qualification to be undertaken
  • the units of competency that make up the AQF qualification
  • the mode of delivery of formal training (on-job or off-job)
  • the responsibilities of the apprentice or trainee, employer and Registered Training Organisation (NTO)
  • additional expectations of the apprentice or trainee, employer or NTO, agreed to by all parties.

Lodge a training plan

Once an employer and apprentice or trainee chooses you as their training provider, a training contract will be created and listed on the Apprenticeship and Traineeship onLine Application System (ATLAS) portal system.

  1. Using ATLAS, search and view newly lodged contracts where you've been nominated as the training provider
  2. Open a training plan for each training contract on ATLAS
  3. Contact the employer and apprentice or trainee to discuss the details of training, including core and elective units of competency
  4. Complete and submit the training plan on ATLAS, ensuring you attach a copy of the signed training plan.

Training plans need to be submitted within four weeks of the new contract appearing in ATLAS.

Once you've submitted a training plan through ATLAS, we'll assess it and advise you of the outcome.

For information about completing an online training plan, see Submit a training plan via ATLAS.

To access ATLAS and our other systems, see Access our systems.

Travel and Accommodation Allowance

If your regional apprentice or trainee travels more than 150km to attend training, your business may be able to claim on their travel and accommodation costs.

For information for your apprentices or trainees, see Travel and Accommodation Allowance.