Apply to deliver a building capability project

Applications are now open for Building Capability Projects

Building Capability Projects offer training providers the opportunity to:

  • innovate and develop solutions to grow their business
  • strengthen relationships with industry and employers
  • contribute to growing the number of apprentices and trainees in South Australia, including the number of completions
  • participate in strategic projects that benefit the South Australian VET sector.

What can I apply for?

Applications are open now and can be made across four categories:

  1. Innovation: creating innovative delivery and assessment practices for students, apprentices and trainees
  2. Development: building capability to develop accredited courses responsive to South Australian industry needs.
  3. Research: growing a sustainable and responsive VET market based on research findings.
  4. Strategic: projects commissioned by DIS that benefit the South Australian VET sector.

Before starting my application

Please read the project guidelines and supporting documents before starting your application.

What does a Building Capability Project look like?

Need some inspiration?

Discover some of the Building Capability Projects we’re investing in.

To explore Building Capability Projects that were funded in 2019, see Building Capability Projects 2019.

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